Rapid Transit, 1969, 2:30. Silhouetted bean mandalas hopping to a bongo beat.
Displacement, 1969, 2:30. Abstract exercise in pattern recognition.
Candy Machine, 1972, 4:00. A “little man” cartoon set against a xeroxed subway.
Trikfilm 1, 1972, 1:00. Optically-printed nude line dancer,  drawn to Bach prelude.
Trikfilm 3, 1973, 3:30. A hand draws a flipbook of liquid architecture.
L’Age Door, 1975, 1:00. Animated flipbook of endlessly evolving entrancement.
The Club, 1975, 4:00. A tour of an exclusive men’s club and its complacent members.
It’s an OK Life, 1980, 4:00. Cartoon glimpse into a future which now seems all too familiar. 

Hand Collation, 1978/2004, 5:00. Hand-held documentary of time-stitching. Silent.
Academy Leader Variation, 1984, :10. Cut-out photo countdown with body parts.
Head, 1975, 10:30. A self-portrait of the animator undone by his cartoon surrogate.
Thumbnail Sketches, 1976, 7:00. Elemental mini-icons perform acrobatic feats,
Lineage, 1979, 29:00. Essay on animation’s contradictory legacy: comedy and formalism.
Step Print, 1976, 7:00. Abstract color cycles for gallery installation. Silent.
Block Print, 1978, 17:00. A duplicated documentary of a NYC sidewalk. Silent.
Viewmaster, 1976, 3:00. Cartoons running circles in the face of Muybridge.

Thicket, 1985, 10:30. A dream visit with death and memory, accompanied by Schönberg.
Ko-Ko, 1988, 3:00. Charlie Parker’s bebop anthem propels a storm of cultural shards.
Flying Fur, 1981, 7:00. A minstrel show of cartoon self-doubt. Music by Scott Bradley.
New Fangled, 1992, 2:00. Advertising jargon taken at face value.
A Little Routine, 1994, 7:00. Bedtime for Nora: parent/child conflict resolution.
Routine Stuff, 2004, 4:00. Slideshow of LR storyboards, artwork, and commentary.

Amnesty International/Universal Bill of Rights, 1980, :30. Freedom of Speech. Fair Trial.
Comedy Channel IDs, 1982, :10.
Aquaducks for Nora, 1988, 4:00.  2 screen installation. Music by Joel Forrester.
Sunday Afternoon with Vice-President Dan Quayle, 1988, 3:00. Spy-TV satire.
Film Forum, 1974, 1990, 2002. Evolution of a NYC institution.